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From getting an expert assessment of works and costs for your insurance company, to completing property damage repairs – All Property Claims is an established specialist, providing an end to end service for homeowners who have made or who are about to make a property insurance claim. Equipped with an abundance of experience, we know exactly what it takes to clarify your situation, and return your premises to the original condition.

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How Do We Approach a Property Damage Claim?

Committed to assisting you in your time of need, here at All Property Claims, we promptly visit your property and assess any damage as the first step when managing any insurance claim. The insurer is then informed of the claim’s full details upon completion, alongside a detailed list of the work that needs to be done. After that, we will then speak with the insurance company’s loss adjuster to discuss the claim, alongside the list of tasks that must be completed in addition.


Because at All Property Claims we are governed by the Financial Conduct Authority, we are able to settle claims with insurers directly so that you don’t have to. We understand exactly what it takes to get your insurance claim accepted, because we have plenty of experience managing such complex claims. Our service is also completely free if we carry out all the building and drying repair work at your property, giving you peace of mind that settling an incident won’t break the bank.

Property Claims We Handle

We can deal with any type of property claim:

Fire Damage

If you’re a victim of fire damage, we can arrange an immediate survey or visit to organise the safe removal of debris. We will handle the first crucial meeting with your insurer's loss adjusters to ensure that they cover everything from your alternative accommodation to restoration, cleaning and building repairs.

Leaking Pipes

Sometimes you may have a leak that is causing water damage to your walls and ceilings. Your plumber will often be able to locate where the leak is coming from, but sometimes you may be able to see the leak damage without them being able to find the source. We will be able to help by connecting you to a reliable leak detection specialist to locate the cause of the leak. After the leak is located, we will be able to negotiate with your insurers to get your water damaged property professionally dried and fully restored to how it was before the leak occurred.

Floor Water Damage

If your wooden floor is suffering from water damage, it is likely to warp. If you have a tiled floor that has been damaged by water, it may crack and the grout will come loose. We will always ask insurers to replace the water damaged flooring with one of equal quality. We will also ensure your subfloor, if damaged by moisture, is fully dried and restored before installing any new flooring.

Walls and Ceiling Water Damage

When walls and ceilings have been water damaged, everything behind them will usually be damp or wet. We will first and foremost ensure your ceiling joists and wall plaster are fully dried by a BDMA accredited drying specialist.  Then we will ensure your structure is safe and fully restored before any decorating is undertaken.

Storm Water Damage

Under storm conditions, insurers agree to cover internal water damage if your roof has leaked - providing you have accidental damage cover on your policy. We can help by carefully reviewing your policy and the weather conditions at the time of the leak, enabling us to get the cost of your internal drying and onward decorative repairs to remedy the leak damage agreed by the insurer.

Flood damage

If you've had a flood (rather than a leak) it is vital to dry what's beneath the floor finish. We will agree the water damage repair costs with your insurers, including a full strip out of the wet walls, plaster and flooring, before arranging drying equipment to be installed. This is important to prevent mould from forming, as this can be extremely harmful to you and your family’s health.

Gutters & Drains

If a gutter or drain is blocked it will cause water to overflow out of a manhole or internal toilet, contaminating walls or flooring and resulting in water damage. We ensure that your insurer covers costs for decontamination, drying and repair of all resultant water damage, so your property is put back to the way it was before this terrible incident.

Vehicle Impact

This type of claim arises when a car or a van making a delivery has hit your property, or if it's a hit and run incident where your house has been damaged.  It is important to ensure your property is structurally safe and then undertake the reconstruction works.  We will negotiate with your insurer to get all costs covered, including alternative accommodation if required.

Malicious Damage

Graffiti, broken glass or doors, a vandal incident such as your garden wall or gate being broken or even tenants wrecking your property are all classed by insurers as malicious damage. Providing you have the necessary insurance cover, we will negotiate with your insurer to put your back to your pre-loss condition.

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They explained to me the claim process, kept me updated as to what progress was being made with the claim and promptly found a contractor who was very professional and efficient at carrying out the work that was needed. I would highly recommend using Allpropertyclaims without a doubt.
Without All Property Claims, I do not think I would have had what it took to see the claim through as my insurer was proving very difficult and thrown so many hoops in the way that I wouldn't have been able to surmount on my own.
D. Connolly
APC completed all the repair works to a high standard and ensured that the insurance company paid for evertything that they were supposed to despite their best efforts to avoid doing so. Excellent service and communication.