Storm Damage

Storm Damage
Bad storm or heavy rain?

Damaged or leaky roof?

If you’ve got a leaky roof or if it’s been damaged after a sharp burst of rain, insurers will want to know what caused the roof damage before they agree to cover the cost of your repairs. Only under storm or heavy rain conditions do insurers agree to cover the damage to your roof. The good news is that they will usually cover internal damage if you have the appropriate cover on your policy. We can help by sending our roofers to give you an expert report of the cause of the damage and costs and at the same time progress your claim for internal repairs.

Case Studies

  • Damage From Heavy Rain (Kilburn)


A company in the care homes sector had its offices in London internally damaged by storm / heavy rain. The plaster in the damaged area of the ceiling and walls was saturated.


As the offices in which damage was observed were fully staffed the client was keen not to disrupt 2 working offices while internal repairs were in progress as this would possibly result in an interruption to business with an accompanying loss to the company.


As there were no storm conditions recorded at the time of the incident – this is defined as winds in excess of 40 miles/hour or several inches of rainfall per hour – we explained to the client that the cost of roof repairs would have to be met by the client but that insurers would cover the cost of internal repairs under what is known as “accidental damage”. We explained to the company that in order to do a proper set of repairs, the offices would have to be vacated for health and safety reasons. We liased with the facilities management who was very cooperative in organising this in order that repairs could be swiftly completed.

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