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Overflowing gutters & drains?

Gutters or gullys can get blocked with leaves and debris and can often result in an overflow and internal damage to decorations. If a drain is blocked it will cause water to overflow out of a manhole or internal toilet and contaminate walls or flooring. We will make sure that your insurer allows the cost to renew any contaminated floors or plaster if foul water has overflowed and in the case of overflows from guttering or gulleys we will report the cause accurately to insurers with photos so that all costs of resultant damage are fully covered.

Case Studies

  • Overflow From Blocked Gully (Clapham)
  • Blockage In Soil Pipe (Swiss Cottage)


A blocked gully in a recently refurbished house had caused water to come inside the media room of a in a new basement conversion causing the walls and flooring to become saturated.


As the client was an overseas landlord they were keen to ensure that the claim and repairs were handled quickly and efficiently with minimum disruption to the tenant. Also, owing to the high specification of the property, the landlord wanted to be sure that repairs were done to a high standard and made it clear that he did not want a “patch up” job.


Our surveyor attended the property to photograph and assess the damage directly after emergency unblocking of the gully had taken place through the landlord’s emergency insurance cover. We reported costs to insurers the next day and arranged for the insurer’s loss adjuster to attend later in the week. As the concrete subfloor of the basement was saturated we arranged for a carpet lift and for drying machines to be installed in advance of the loss adjuster meeting. At the meeting we agreed all drying costs and for wall decorations to be done throughout the basement and the ground floor as areas were continuous throughout. The landlord was delighted at the scope of works which was finally agreed with insurers. To avoid any inconvenience to the tenant all repairs were carried out between 10 am and 4 pm while the tenant was at work and with our contractors clearing up all sheeting at the end of each day.


A management company reported that a blockage from a blocked soil pipe – now cleared – was causing a major odour and damp smell throughout the offices of a large commercial premises. The commercial tenant suspected that the affected areas had not been sanitised and the carpet tiles to their offices were contaminated.


As the commercial premises were staffed with several hundred people the management company did not want any office closure or re-location of staff as a result of the smell and so wanted the matter to be expedited with insurers.


After our surveyor attended the site we requested our contracts division to arrange a carpet lift in the region of the access hatch to the soil pipe. This area was sanitised and drying machines were installed while we prepared costs for the damaged carpet tiles to be lifted and new carpet to be installed. Insurers appointed their own loss adjuster whom we met on site explaining the facts around the incident and the measures we had taken to remove the odour so as to avoid any follow on business interruption claim. Once costs were agreed and all drying was complete, we arranged for our carpet contractors to renew all tiles throughout the area.

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