Malicious Damage

Malicious Damage
Property intentionally damaged?

Been a victim of malicious damage?

Graffitti as a one time incident, broken glass or doors, a vandal incident such as your garden wall or gate being broken, or even tenants wrecking your property are looked on by insurers as malicious damage. If any of these has happened always report the incident to the police and obtain a crime reference number. We can then help you by carrying out emergency repairs such as boarding or locks while we deal with your claim with insurers for permanent repairs.

Case Studies

  • Damage From Vandalism (Cheam)


A break-in had occurred with forced entry to a detached house through a side door. As a result the doorway and surrounding plaster work to the walls had been damaged.


The client was worried that as the break in had occurred while she was on holiday and the property was unoccupied whether insurers would cover the claim.


After attending the property to take photographs and details of the damage, we studied the client’s policy document and determined that as she did not leave the property empty for more than one continuous 30 day period the claim would be accepted by insurers. We reported the crime reference number and details of the incident which our client had described to the local police. The scope of works recommended to insurers was to replace the door with a new door, to make good all disturbed areas to the walls and plasterwork and to paint walls throughout the entrance hallway, the stairwell and the landing. Costs were agreed on site with the insurer’s loss adjuster. We started works in the same week of agreeing repairs with the loss adjuster and completed all works within 1 week.

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