Vehicle Impact

Vehicle Impact
Property been hit?

Impact from Vehicles

This type of claim arises when a car, a van making a delivery in the area or a council truck has hit your property or its simply a hit and run type incident. If possible always write down the registration number of the vehicle, the make and model and make a note of the time and date it occurred. Always file a report to the police and get an incident number. We can help you by making a third party claim if you have the details of the person who hit you or, if not, then we will help you make a claim on your own home insurance.

Case Studies

  • Damage From Delivery Vehicle (Acton)


A delivery vehicle had caused several dents to a shed within commercial premises. Our client wished to claim for the cost of repairs from the owner of the delivery vehicle.

Our client did not wish to claim under his own insurance in order to avoid an adverse rating and premium increase to his own policy.


We decided to pursue a third party claim against the company to whom the delivery vehicle belonged. We attended site to survey the damage to the metalwork fascia of the shed and reported the claim and costs to the third party insurer. We arranged to meet with the loss adjusters appointed by the insurer to agree costs explaining that if we were unable to agree repairs then our client would pursue a liability claim direct to the third party with ensuing professional costs. The third party insurers were able to agree our repair costs a a result of our negotiations and we advised the client accordingly.

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