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Broken Glass


A homeowner reported the accidental shattering of a glass pane in her rear extension as a result of a stone flying onto the glass when a lawn mower was being operated in the back garden.


The pane was quite fragile when the pane became cracked and our client was concerned that all the glass pieces would shatter all over the floor.


We obtained the policy details from our client over the phone and reported the incident to insurers under " accidental damage" requesting that insurers agree to making the damaged glass safe while the costs for renewal of the glass pane were being assessed. Our contractors attended site the same evening and applied a sticky protective film across the glass to hold all the shattered pieces in one place so as to pose no danger to the client and her family. We contacted insurers with photos and the costs for replacement of the glass and were able to agree costs by phone. Once these were agreed, a new laminated piece of glass was ordered from in-stock supplies and our crew attended site to install the new pane. The whole claim end to end including all repairs took 3 days.

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Application of Protective Film to Glass

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External View - Annexe

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Shattered Glass Pane

The service provided by Allpropertyclaims Limited consists of dealing with a client's property insurance claim and carrying out building repairs for the client. It is the former activity which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority [FCA]. Allpropertyclaims Limited is authorised and regulated by the FCA, Reg. No. 630201

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