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What Does a Loss Assessor Do?

A loss assessor is an expert which you appoint to make sure your insurance claim is agreed fairly and that your interests are protected. Unlike the loss adjuster, who is appointed by insurers on their behalf, a loss assessor works only for you and not the insurer.

What Does a Loss Assessor Charge?

Any professional providing a valuable service will charge for his time and expertise. However, instead of sending you a bill for services we ask that you allow us to carry out your insurance repairs. In this way we are able to recoup the cost of our services to deal with the property damage within the cost of the building repairs. The way in which we do this is to charge our contractors a fee based on the value of the building work which insurers have authorised. Contractors are happy to pay this because of the volume of claims we agree every month. Our clients are happy because they get the services of an expert without being given a bill. Insurers are happy because they have decided the costs at which we will carry out the repairs and at the same time have dealt with a professional in getting their client's claim sorted out efficiently and quickly.

Why Should I Use A Loss Assessor?

t is important to understand that a loss adjuster is paid by your insurer. He is on their side to see that the claim costs are minimised. Loss adjusters are trained to be polite and sympathetic but when they realise what the costs of a claim are adding up to they can become difficult in what they will pay for and how much they will pay. It is our role to ensure that everything which needs to be included in the claim is presented to insurers at the start and that a sufficient cost is agreed for the work to that it can be carried out to the right quality by professional tradesmen. We have our clients' interests at heart and we work hard to see that your interests are protected at all times.

Business Interruption Claims

f you want us to deal with a business interruption claim we will be happy to provide you a quote for large complex claims where specialist knowledge is needed or for small straightforward claims, give you free advice on how to do this with your accountants so you incur no fee. At all times we are very clear in our dealings with clients so they can make the decision which best suits their interest.

Loss Assessing Services

• We manage your insurance claim from start to finish
• We assess the building work which needs doing and negotiate with insurers to get this paid for.
• We will handle home/business insurance claims for floods, fires, leaks, theft and vandalism
• We pursue third party claims against individuals, companies or drivers which have caused damage to your property
• We will agree claims pursued against Thames Water for water damage to your property
• We negotiate and get all costs agreed with loss adjusters
• We specialise in commercial insurance claims management
• We arrange alternative accommodation or office facilities and loss of rent payments for commercial and residential landlords
• We arrange emergency repairs including clean up, debris disposal, boarding up or water removal following fires, floods or burst pipes
• We manage claims for property damage in offices, shops, restaurants, warehouses and factories
• We are experts in business interruption claims - we claim for your loss of profit or earnings


Please contact us on 0203 011 2495 and we will be delighted to discuss your concerns

The service provided by Allpropertyclaims Limited consists of dealing with a client's property insurance claim and carrying out building repairs for the client. It is the former activity which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority [FCA]. Allpropertyclaims Limited is authorised and regulated by the FCA, Reg. No. 630201

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