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All damage caused by leaks from pipes is usually covered by insurers whether it's a bath waste, feed pipes to hot or cold water, incoming cold water mains or central heating pipes.

Sometimes you may have a leak which is causing walls and ceilings to become damp but you don't know where it is coming from. This is where we can help with trace and access works with costs covered by insurers if you have trace and access cover.

Occasionally, you may have a leak from your central heating system but can't see any damage but you know there's a leak because your boiler is losing pressure. Insurers tell you to get the leak stopped but you need to take up floors or tiles to get to it. We can help by estimating the costs of all disruptive works to find the leak and convince insurers to pay.

Leaking Shower Valve



Central Heating Leak



Leak From Bath Mixer




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The service provided by Allpropertyclaims Limited consists of dealing with a client's property insurance claim and carrying out building repairs for the client. It is the former activity which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority [FCA]. Allpropertyclaims Limited is authorised and regulated by the FCA, Reg. No. 630201

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