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A complete start to finish service for professional landlords experiencing property damage reported to them by tenants which would  result in an insurance claim.  This service also covers claims from  damage caused by accessing hidden leaks where non-destructive 
leak detection is required prior to the making of an insurance claim.
Right now, as a landlord when you receive a call from your tenant complaining of a leak, burst pipe or accidental fire you know you have to go to the property meet with your tenant and organise everything.  You or your property manager might need to contact the managing agent for the block if its a flat.  At some stage you will be sent a claims form and be asked to obtain and submit 2 or 3 quotes from builders which sometimes may cause a problem in that builders are not interested in attending to quote for "an insurance job" as there is no assurance as to whether they will get the work or when they will get paid.  You may not be sure of what exactly insurers will pay for from all the damage which has been caused and it is left up to you to ensure that the builder or the insurer's own appointed contractor  scopes the reinstatement works correctly so as to restore your property to its pre-loss condition.  If items have been left out you will be unhappy with the works done and if items have been included by builders but not covered by insurers, insurers will delay authorisation for works to start or settle the claim at too low a value creating difficulty for you.  This all involves a lot of time for you the landlord and puts you under strain with complaining tenants.
How You May Be Dealing With Property Damage in Your Rented Property Now...
How You May Be Dealing With Property Damage in Your Rented Property Now...
The Claims Process With Allpropertyclaims .....
So How Does The Landlord Benefit From Using Us ?
  • Time saved - You do not have to persuade different builders to provide quotes, deal with the insurer, loss adjusters if they are appointed, surveyors, claims technicians and various trades people on the job.  There is only one point of contact with our office and a person dedicated to the claim is assigned to deal with it throughout from notification to the point when all building works have been signed off.
  • Experience and Professionalism - We will ensure that all damage for which insurers have liability under the policy terms is properly identified and reported to insurers without any corners being cut. Because our professionalism and knowledge is respected by insurers and loss adjusters alike we are effective in arguing what should and should not be included by insurers in any claim. 
  • Fewer Claims Repudiated - As we spend some time on validating a claim taking into account our site inspections and determination of all facts in relation to the policy it is very unlikely that a claim we present to insurers will be repudiated [ refused ].  The clear fact is that less than 0.5% of claims we have presented have ever been repudiated.
  • Detailed Update At Each Stage - We have meticulous record-keeping and all conversations with you, your tenant, insurers and loss adjusters are transcripted so we are able to tell you exactly what is going on with the claim at any stage pre-settlement and while works are in progress.
  • Shorter Claim Life Cycle - Clearly, as a property investor / landlord your time has to be spent on many things - not insurance claims.  The longer a claim drags on your tenant is likely to become increasingly frustrated.  Our time is spent solely only on insurance claims and repairs.  We are proactive with insurers and loss adjusters and have a rigorous follow up procedure to settlement.  Typically our average time from notification to settlement of a claim is 3-4 weeks.  We start drying / restoration cleaning and or reinstatement within 48 hours of settlement and will typically take 2-4 weeks to complete works depending on the scope.
  • Less Hassle For You - Renewal From Tenants - The hours we put into a claim and the type of service we are able to provide, ensure a satisfactory claims experience for your tenants taking away the hassle for you and keeping your relationship with tenants in tact.
What Does It Cost Me ?
We are providing a high value premium service to you and your tenant. We do not charge you for this service [nor the insurer ] but instead ask our contractors to give up a part of the margin on the works in return for a regular flow of work. This provides a convenient, cost free solution to your client without having to pay deposits and advances to contractors.

Do You Have Examples of Work You Have Done ? 
We have described some case studies covering different types of claims in some detail.  Please click here for more..

Which Areas - Risk Addresses Can You Cover ?
We are a London based company and cover all areas within the M25, Surrey and Kent.  As we carry out building works as a principal after agreeing the claim we have to ensure competent project management and control of our contractors for clients which necessarily requires us to restrict works to a set geographical area.

Which Insurers and Loss Adjusters Have You Dealt With ?
We have dealt with all the main insurers offering property cover such as the RSA Group, Zurich, Aviva, Allianz, several Lloyds underwriters and underwriting agencies such as Commercial Express, Princess Insurance Agencies  and brokers with delegated authority such as Oval, Bluefin and Deacon to settle property damage claims.  In terms of loss adjusters we regularly meet and settle claims with Cunningham Lindsey, GAB Robins, Crawfords, Merlin, Woodgate Clark,  Gallagher Bassett, Graham High Group, Ellis May and several others. 

As a result of our dealings with loss adjusters and insurers we have developed good working relationships based on trust, respect and professionalism.  It is these relationships which allow us to deliver the high level of service homeowners have a right to expect.
Please contact us on 0208 003 5884 and we will be delighted to arrange a survey of your damage within 24 hours.
How Can I Take This Further?
How Can I Take This Further?
When you request us to deal with an incident under insurance you are obtaining a premium service characterised by prompt action and high customer service from professionals who settle insurance claims every day.
So What Actually Happens - Step By Step ?
Once instructed, we will attend the risk address to meet with you and your tenant to obtain the relevant facts and the steps leading up to the incident.   At this meeting we would have formed a view as to whether, in our opinion, the claim is valid according to the terms of the policy. In the same meeting we would carry out a detailed survey of the damage to include photos, measurements and moisture readings in the case of water damage.  The incident report with our view on validation, the scope of works with costs broken down by item along with your instruction appointing us will be sent to insurers after which we proactively pursue settlement.  Usually insurers will appoint loss adjusters and we will arrange a meeting with them on site.  The purpose of the meeting is for insurers to validate the claim and agree costs with us.  Once costs are agreed, which is often at the meeting or a few days later, we would instruct our contractors to carry out all drying and reinstatement works with our invoice going direct to insurers. We are able to settle and negotiate claims directly with adjusters because of the nature of the service we provide and our FCA registration.
The service provided by Allpropertyclaims Ltd consists of dealing with a client's property insurance claim and carrying out building repairs for the client.  It is the former activity which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.  Allpropertyclaims Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority [ FCA ], Reg. No. 630201.
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