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Get an Insurance Quote, Agree Your Claim & Complete All Repairs in One AMAZING FREE SERVICE*

*Subject to Terms of Business

The following are ACTUAL WORDS used by our clients on client feedback forms and represent a small selection of the many people we have been proud to help with their insurance claims and repairs:

"I have been impressed by the high standardof claims amanagement and also subsequent repair works demonstrated throughout."

F.Valle Leaseholder, NW London
Insured with Acumus

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"I was very pleased with the quality of service and work. Allpropertyclaims was very diligent in getting the claim settled. Their builders did a great job with my painting and wall papering."

P.Hubbard Homeowner, Kent
Insured with Natwest

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"Allpropertyclaims were very detailed and thorough in their work. They were polite and courteous."

J. Mcloughlin Homeowner, Feltham
Insured with Esure

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"Really pleased with the result obtained by Allpropertyclaims. They did a great job!"

Mr Barnett Commercial Property owner, East London
Insured with Allianz Commercial

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"Highly recommended!"

S. Isaac Homeowner, South East London
Insured with Esure

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"Quick and considerate service."

S. Holland Landlord, West London
Insured with Aviva Commercial

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"Allpropertyclaims are a real pleasure to deal with. They worked extremely efficiently."

G. Plummer Homeowner, Dartford
Insured with Halifax

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"Excellent service. I was very happy with the way they handled my claim. Their builders ensured my flat was left tidy at the end of each day . Great finish and works were completed in good time."

C. Maguire - Leaseholder, North London
Insured with Ageas

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"Trustworthy company. I would always recommend them."

S.Medic Homeowner, London
Insured with Zurich

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"Very professional team who take pride in their work. Allpropertyclaims are very good at what they do. We would happily use their service again."

T. Weekes - Homeowner, Essex
Insured with Nationwide

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"This was a very good service. I was very happy with the result. They even arranged for me to have alternative accommodation at the insurers cost whilst the extensive repairs in my property were taking place."

H. Seth Homeowner, East London
Insured with Zurich

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"Following an escape of water from pipework within my kitchen, Allpropertyclaims handled the claim directly with the insurer taking all the stress, hassle and bother away from me. When the works commenced I found the contractors to be considerate and competent. The works completed were of a high quality and I would not hesitate to use them again should I have the misfortunate of making an insurance claim for a second time!"

A. Hughes Homeowner, North London
Insured with NFU

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"Very pleased indeed! Most satisfactory.."

P. Souslby - Leaseholder, Lambeth
Insured with Aviva

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"As a landlord it was important that Allpropertyclaims worked around my tenants. They did just that, completing the works at a convenient time so as not to disrupt my tenants who had a young family. They responded to any problems in a positive manner. In summary I was very satisfied with them."

D. Potter Landlord, South East London
Insured with Ocaso

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"Very good couldn't be better. They took the weight and stress of my shoulders. I had never dealt with insurers before and it was reassuring that a company with the experience and expertise dealt with the claim on my behalf. They dealt with my tenants with no problems which was of upmost important to me as a landlord."

A. Sivarajah Landlord, Kingston
Insured with Allianz

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The service provided by Allpropertyclaims Limited consists of dealing with a client's property insurance claim and carrying out building repairs for the client. It is the former activity which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority [FCA]. Allpropertyclaims Limited is authorised and regulated by the FCA, Reg. No. 630201

For more details of what we do and our Summary Terms of Business CLICK HERE

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